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Grateful Dead Live at Warfield Theatre on 1983-03-31

Set 1:
d1t01 - Tuning
d1t02 - Feel Like A Stranger
d1t03 - Friend Of The Devil ->
d1t04 - Little Red Rooster
d1t05 - Dupree's Diamond Blues
d1t06 - Me And My Uncle ->
d1t07 - Big River
d1t08 - West L.A. Fadeaway
d1t09 - My Brother Esau
d1t10 - Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
d1t11 - Tuning
d1t12 - Lost Sailor ->
d1t13 - Saint Of Circumstance ->
d1t14 - Far From Me
d2t01 - Terrapin Station ->
d2t02 - Drums ->
d2t03 - Space ->
d2t04 - The Other One ->
d2t05 - Throwing Stones ->
d2t06 - Wharf Rat ->
d2t07 - Around And Around ->
d2t08 - Good Lovin'

d2t09 - Brokedown Palace

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Date March 31, 1983
Venue Warfield Theatre
Location San Francisco, CA

Source SBD -> Cassette (Dolby B)
Lineage Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1/Dolby B) -> Sony R500 (Pass Through) -> SEK'D Prodif Plus -> Samplitude Professional v8.01 -> FLAC
Transferred by Charlie Miller


Patch Info:
Sennheiser 421>Cassette Master>Dat>Samplitude>CD supplies:
Space (Patched from 6:03 - 6:08)


Reviewer: GeneV - - October 6, 2013
Subject: Where's Bob's guitar?
Another case of missing Bob's guitar! What a pity!
Otherwise a good show.
Reviewer: mklsgl - - May 25, 2013
Subject: Garcia sounds great to me!
@perrinyone and @dtzcuzn: We must have polar POVs. Yes, there are a few vocal flubs but Garcia's voice and playing is in fine form.

And, yet another 'just exactly perfect' recording from Charlie Miller.
Reviewer: perrinyone - - May 24, 2013
Subject: Nodding out at the Warfield
Interesting show.

First off, sound quality (to my ears) is fantastic, thank you Charlie Miller. (i'm not a confirmed audiophile).

To my, Jerry is slurring his words, absent alot of times (check out Brent taking TWO choruses on "Friend of the Devil" before Jerry takes a solo, and then I think Brent takes another!). Some really great guitar moments (Feel Like A Stranger) but it's like it's almost a different kind of guitarist! At times, he just seems sloppy and not caring. Listen to him sing "Wharf Rat", not holding the notes out, literally doing the bare minimum. Listen to his slurred vocal on "Terrapin Station". His guitar playing will be sloppy...and then all of a sudden, he'll really dig in and blow you away. This all adds up (to me, anyway) as Jerry in full-blown heroin mode while the band valiantly plays on. And then they seem to kind've go through the motions eventually (Around and Around for instance). I mean, Jerry was playing practically in his backyard, so why shouldn't he be as high as a kite?!

And yet....this isn't a bad show! It's an ok/good listen. And, like I said (and maybe I'm projecting), but Jerry sounds not "himself", not particularly warm and sweet, but dark, aggro at times, sloppy and apathetic at others.

I listened to this one just to try out one of the years I don't listen to much....and now I see why! Taking a look at pictures of this run (that are presently available here: Jerry looks like he sounds.

Fave song might be the Feel Like A Stranger opener. My Brother Esau was nice to hear. West LA Fadeaway definitely seems to be the mood Jerry is in. The space jam is nice, with someone playing recorder at one point.

But the Brokedown Palace encore is beautiful, the harmonies are right on, best song of the show.(almost forgot!)
Reviewer: dtzcuzn - - April 1, 2012
Subject: When I started to see trouble ahead.........
OK first off,the sound is fantastic,crisp,clear and just a superb source.I remember getting this show on tapes back in the day and they were SBD's also.But the playing (or lack there of) of Jerry is just,well,non-existant.The feeling I had listening to the show was,"Jerry is either really really stoned or is starting to show signs of dementia.I think I've listened to this show maybe 3 times all the way thru.It's hard,what people were saying during the '95 summer tour and Jerry's playing,look at this show.It really is a window of the things to come.'83 was the first year that alot of folks were starting to get worried about Jerry and his on going 'vacation' at the time.It seems that during '83 Garcia was either way on or way off with very little in between moments.Thankfully though,it seems that we didn't get many more bad nights from Jerry like this one,although the whole band gets that award fro the Donner Summit show in '85 but that's another story.
Reviewer: brenthead1988 - - March 31, 2012
Subject: Rooster
one of the better ones, sounds like Brent might even be running his B3 thru an alternate amp rather than his 122's.
Reviewer: wdman - - March 8, 2012
Subject: Charlie Miller
I always look for the one, the only, the greatest, the bestest.... Charlie Miller to fill my ears!


Bring it...

You ever tour? Would love to put a face with the space...
Reviewer: gratefulkevin - - April 1, 2010
Subject: So what is up with two by Charlie Miller?
Oh!!! OH!!!! OH!!!! whatever way you spell it and you may spell it many many ways, always believe in the good and disregard the rest. Not too much to say today other than THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR A REAL GOOD TIME.
Smallest venue I ever attended in my short time with the BOYS! OVER AND OUT
Reviewer: Niko - - July 9, 2008
Subject: Solid
I am not a huge fan of this era, but the set list is decent. Take a listen for the sound quality alone- it sounds like they are playing in your living room.
Reviewer: Darrylizer - - April 26, 2008
Subject: Strong and really enjoyable show!
I love when the Dead open up with Feel Like A Stranger, for some reason that song always got me in the mood for a good time. And what a good time is to be found here. Good, good show. The mix is better some of the earlier shows at the Warfield (tho the vocals and Brent are still too loud) and the playing is sharp. Everybody's on and I love the setlist.
Reviewer: spinalpap - - February 18, 2008
Subject: Great show.
Terrific show with incredibly clear sound quality.
Reviewer: johnny d - - February 17, 2008
Subject: WOW!
Not sure if I have ever heard better sound quality...
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